Giveaway: Sparkle Apple ft. LoveShoppingHolics

7:10 PM

Again with the giveaways!
Now it's from Indonesian blog, Sparkle Apple ft. LoveShoppingHolics.
But it opens internationally, guys! ^^

You can win 3 pair of Circle Lens with Cute Lens Case of your choice.
Yes, there will be 3 winners here.

I always love circle lens. It enhance your eyes, bring more dolly look.
It's so fun and cute. ^^

Yup, how to join?
Open Sparkle Apple's website here.
Just read the rules and comment with the right format there (but the website didn't allow us to copy). :(
It will last until January 19th 2013.

Good luck guys! ^^



Giveaway: Doll to Doll's First Month Anniversary

10:09 PM

Yay for another giveaway!
It's Doll To Doll Cosmetics now.
And it's still Sigma brushes range.

The gift are Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki and Sigma F84 Angled Top Kabuki from Sigma Synthetic Sigmax Duo, and they're worth $59.80!
Both are two best selling brushes, so you won't regret it.

How to join?
Just join on Doll To Doll Cosmetics website via Rafflecopter.

It will end on Desember 31st 2012, so, join it fast!
Good luck all!



Giveaway: Sigma Essential Brush Kit by Dream Makeup

4:20 PM

Do you ever hear about Sigma Brush Kit?
It's very popular among beauty blogger. It's soft, cute, and has many color range as you can see on the picture.

So now, Dream Makeup held a giveaway, and the prize is...
1 of Sigma Beauty's Essential Brush Kit of your choice!
It's open internationally, so all of you can join this giveaway.

Sound's interesting, huh? It's the essential kit that contain 12 brushes, the complete ones.

How to join?
Just go to Dream Makeup's website and join it via Rafflecopter.

It will end at March 20th 2013. You still have time to do this.
Good luck ^^



An Opening Post

3:37 PM

Hello to all ^^
Thanks to God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that this blog is already made.
I've always wanted to make this blog since about few months ago. I don't remember exactly.
I've just made a blog one year ago, but I wasn't find my passion yet.
I'm a perfectionist person, so I spent a whole time just to think about the name domain for the blog and, yeah, this is my blog.

So, why Hasu Hana?
It means Lotus Flower.
Actually, Hasu Hana is my Chinese name. Yes, I'm Chinese.
It's supposed to be Lian Hua, but in Japanese it can be called as Hasu Hana. And yes, I like Japanese too.

I want to make this blog as a beauty blog.
I just like to read and read and read about beauty since one year ago, so I think this is my passion now.
I'll use English as major language in this blog. I think it will improve my English skill too.
If I make a mistake at grammar, vocab, or everything later, please correct me ^^

Here's my vision.
I will have this blog growing and growing.
I will have an online shop although I still take many times to think about it.
I will finish my college, and go work.
If this blog really make a thing, I want to be a beautician, and I will have a beauty clinic.
I declare it now, to pray and fight for it.

Since I still don't have any good camera now, I can't fill it with review or anything else that need a camera.
I just have a laptop webcam, and my blurry camera on my old type Nokia cellphone.
Both aren't good to make a photo review.
So, for sometime until I get a good camera, I will fill it with a post that maybe not so interesting.

I ain't a rich person right now, so I can't do many review too.
Because of this, I doubt how old this blog will exist.
But I hope my passion won't fade away easily.

This is an opening, but I hope there is no closing later.
Enjoy my blog ^^


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